9 Useful Tips For Leh-Ladakh Trips From Experts

Ladakh is a very beautiful tourist destination, this place is mostly on top of the tourist’s list. But due to the extremely cold terrain, there are many such things that the tourists going to visit for the first time do not know. Apart from this, there are many such small things that if you already know, then your journey will be easier.

The blue sky, the vast barren mountain and the clear blue water of the lake are all such things that you will only see in Ladakh. Here we are telling you some important things related to the visit of Ladakh, which must first know the tourists traveling to Ladakh for the first time.


Essential Tips To Be Remeber For Leh Ladakh Trip/Tour

1. The weather in Ladakh changes in minutes, but if you look outside, it will take hot weather but the chill winds will start running right away. If you do not have cold habit then stay one day in Leh to make your body fit for cold weather. This will help your body adapt to the weather. Do not turn around on the first day.

2. After spending a lot of money after eating and staying in Ladakh, there is a lot of expenditure if you want to save money, then you can share taxis that are available from the local taxi stand. But these taxis do not even set long distances but are the best places to hang around.

3. Do not perform barefoot, shoulders or other parts of the body unnecessarily; Local people consider it bad, especially avoid doing so at religious places. People are very humble here but it will be better if you avoid doing so even before someone speaks.

4. Ladakh is no plastic zone. Therefore, the use of plastic here is completely banned. A plastic bottle can be supplied in 7 at an ecological center made here, you do not have to throw it anywhere. If you are going to roam in remote areas in Ladakh then take care of the environment and instead of throwing unnecessary garbage there, take it with you and throw it in a dustbin made in the hotel.

5. If you have arrived in Ladakh for the first time and still taking time to adapt to the weather, avoid drinking the local food thupa and barley beer change. If it does not happen, your stomach will worsen in the local food tasting.

6. There is a public place and smoking crime inside the cab. If you do not avoid doing this then the driver will be kindly refusing to do so.

7. Many times people suffer from breathing due to high altitude. You must have heard about the Acute Mountain Sickness. This problem is caused by going into high altitude areas, so here you can also go with an oxygen cylinder from the chemist which will be found around Rs 500.

8. Stay at Leh City, you can stay at Chengspa Road. This place is the best option for staying in the city. There is also a choice of homestay, which is available at less than the hotel and guest house. Arrange your stay according to your budget.

9. The most important thing about Ladakh Trip is hot clothes. Do not forget to keep these together. Apart from the thick jacket, many layers of clothes are more effective in avoiding winter, so if possible, put some thin warm clothes together.

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