If there is a very captivating, unmatched and miraculous scenario in India, then it can not be found anywhere in Himachal Pradesh. If the tourists think about going somewhere to roam, then the name that emerges in the first instance is Kullu-Manali. This place, called Paradise of the Sidonians, has all the features that should be in any tourist destination.

Here the snow – covered mountain peaks talk to the sky, its green valleys go down below. When streamless streams flowing tomorrow and tomorrow, when you move on fast, you lose all the fatigue of your life. Seeing the lakes is not less than any hypnosis. You can relax by sitting on their sides for hours.

From this zone many stories, fables are attached. Here you can see the sights or mountaineering or enjoy paragliding, skiing, skating on top of ice or golf. Himachal Pradesh is ready to welcome you by spreading arms.

Valley of Gods Kullu: –

The valley of Kullu is also called the Valley of Gods. In the spring season, a place like Kullu becomes very luxurious. Here, when the pink and white flowers are blooming all around, it is difficult to make the statement in the word which is present in the word. As far as the sides of the slopes look, the colors of the brightest rhododendron flowers are scattered all over.

When the autumn comes, the blue sky starts to appear completely pure. Hariyali goes away till December, but still in the jungle, tall trees of tall pine trees stand lifted up. When the winter comes, the white sheet of ice is set on the slopes of the mountains. There is no doubt that this is the happiest place in the western Himalayas.

Due to this being considered the last boundary of human settlements, it was also called the Kulanta Peeth in ancient times. But in the epics-Ramayana, Mahabharata and Vishnu Puran it is mentioned by this name.