Leh Ladakh 1

India is a country where various regions, different climate, are kept in its own right. Gujarat’s Kutch and Rajasthan sand also boasts bright colors, Kerala greenery and waterfalls. Sikkim, Uttarakhand welcomes you with beautiful flowers along with snow, so Goa is like the sea waves and the shaking creatures like them.

An area worships Bharatmata with the crown of ice, its feet through the ocean, that is, every region has its own color, its beauty. Experiencing the unity in diversity, the opportunity to see the different states of the country experienced the pride of their motherland.

But for the first time it was known that except for the beach, then the hills covered with snowy valleys, pulled out of the head like greenery chunar, such as brown, barren, vast mountain ranges ranging from stones, very beautiful between the mountains of thousands of feet high. The valleys, cold water springs flowing yesterday, both clean and hot as glass, both rivers, sanded like a desert, plateau and beautiful lake in the plateau. Beautiful craftsmanship of nature … all this beautiful beauty was one place. Yes …! Amazing … unforgettable … amazing … full of beauty … so many diversity in your vast zodiac, this area was Leh. Leh … place in Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir! Leh with population density according to 3 km per person …!

Leh with 25,321 square km area …! Located at an altitude of 11,300 feet above sea level. Although Leh-Ladakh is the country’s favorite, it’s the top of the list of foreign tourists, but it is Bollywood, who made it more popular by shooting some films here. When Leh-Ladakh’s program was created then the flight from Delhi to Leh was. (Though later found that it would be more enjoyable to come by road from Manali or Srinagar to come). Well … according to the experts, you should come here in July, because by the time the snow melts and besides the snow you can see all the beauty, which I have described above.