Mountain Bliss of Lake Waterfalls: Dalhousie

Tourism in Himachal Pradesh is built thanks to the Dalhousie Angles. Now there are new resorts opening up, which are making it more popular. Sagarika Resorts made in the heart of the city is one of them.

During the time of the British rule, the Anglers built the hill stations when they were scorched by the heat of the country. In order to spend the pleasant moments in the summer season at a cool and peaceful place, by exploring beautiful and picturesque bases in the hilly areas of the country, they started the Hill Station tradition in the country. Even today, the most fun and pleasant places of tourism in the country are considered to be the same station. Dalhousie is a part of this hill station tradition.


In the Dalhousie, when the tourists return to exhausted panoramic views, enjoying the lake and tired of the fun journey of the hills, the luxurious and luxurious resorts here do not leave any portions to refresh it again.

The main market is in front of the resort named Maul on Dalhousie’s Court Road. Free WiFi, equipped with bathroom showers and other amenities are making the sightseeing spot more enjoyable.

Like Sagarika Resorts surrounded by recreational scenes, Dalhousie has many hotels and resorts. You can go to all the sightseeing by taking a taxi from these resorts.

Wonderful Himachal

The hill beauty of Dalhousie leaves such a unique impression in the heart of the tourists that he likes to come here again and again. This town, inhabited by Angrez rulers in the 19th century, is known for its historical importance and natural elegance. Great golf course, natural sanctuary and

Thousands of tourists bound in the attraction of many places like the stream of water streams of 3 rivers come every year. The beautiful hill station situated in Champa district of Himachal Pradesh is located in Dalhousie, surrounded by natural beauty, charming surroundings, and many dense forests of cedar.

Located at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level, this town is spread over a small area of ​​13 kilometers. On the one hand, the snowy peaks spread far and wide, on the other side, the stream flowing on the other side of Chanab, Vyas and Ravi rivers offer a breathtaking view.

Panchpula and Satdhara

Located only 2 kilometers from Dalhousie, Panchpura. The name of this name is laid here on the basis of natural pool and small bridges built on it. Another delightful place Satdhara waterfall is located at some distance from here. At any time till 7 streams flowed there. But now only one stream is left. Regardless of this, the beauty of this spring is intact. It is believed that the water of Satdhara is full of natural medicinal properties and has the ability to cure many diseases.

Beauty of treasury

Watching the Khajiyar without visiting the Dalhousie Hill station seems incomplete. This place is located 27 kilometers away from Dalhousie. Actually, the Khajiyar is famous for the charming lake which is shaped in size. This site is situated between the long and dense forests of pine. Tourists are especially fond of tourists because of a fantastic golf course. Along with this, the amazing confluence of Vyas, Ravi, and Chenab rivers can be seen at Dainkund, located 10 kilometers away. This is the highest point of Dalhousie.

Hariray Temple, built on one end of Chiragana, called the heart of Chamba, has a glimpse of unique artistic skills. Here is the Bhuri Singh Museum, where historical documents, paintings, watercolors, arms, and coins are stored.

The attractive GPO area of ​​Dalhousie

The GPO area of ​​Dalhousie is also considered to be full of excitement. Subhash Bawli is about 2 km away from the GPO.

It is said that at this place, freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose stayed for about 5 months and during this time he used to drink the water of this avail. Here you can see the panoramic view of the high mountains covered with snow. The Manohar Palace is located in the middle of the pine of Ucheauch pine in Jandhari Ghat situated about half a kilometer from Subhash Bawley. This place is also famous for the palace of the former ruler of Chamba. Apart from the palace, here you can also enjoy a picnic by sitting in the scented slow-moving air, which comes out through a pine tree.

When should I go, Dalhousie?

Dalhousie’s weather is well-liked throughout the year, but the most appropriate time is considered between April to June and October to December.

What to buy in Dalhousie?

If you want to buy anything during Dalhousie’s fun journey, the Tibetan market is a great choice, where many traditional attractive clothes and antiques are available at cheap prices. In addition to this, Tibetan handicrafts like Powers, Carpets, and Saul can take home.

How to go, Dalhousie?

Railroad: Nearest railway station of Dalhousie is Pathankot, which is located 80 kilometers away. Almost all the trains going to Jammu are going to Pathankot. Apart from Pathankot, Delhi, it is also connected to Jalandhar, Amritsar, and Jammu.

Airway: The nearest airport to reach from the airways is Gaggla, Kangra, which is located approximately 124 km away.

Roads: Dalhousie can be reached by bus or taxi from Pathankot and other places.

Interesting facts about Dalhousie

– In 1853, the Anglers bought Porter, Celtos, Terah, Bakerota and Balun hills from the kings of Chamba.

After this, the place was named Dalhousie after the name of Lord Dalhousie.

– On the Balun hill, they camped in the cantonment, where there is still a cantonment area.

– Dalhousie city is mainly inhabited around the Porter hill.

– Bhulli Singh Museum near Dalhousie, which was donated by King Bhuri Singh in 1908.

Smart packing also required

Nowadays, for tourism, there is a trend of preparing for all the preparations. For example, arrangements for stay confirmation of tickets already confirmed. Although the tickets are as easy as confirmed, there is a good hotel or resort to stay as difficult as possible. This is because the more important it is to travel to a tourist destination than it is necessary, there is a proper arrangement for staying there. When the Sailani returns to the exhausted lake and exhausted from the beautiful journey of the hills, then it is necessary that all arrangements for the rest of her that are in a five-star hotel or in her house.

If you do not get a pleasant place to live, then the fun of traveling is very grateful. Apart from this, understanding the mood of the weather there, it is necessary to pack clothes and other accessories wisely.

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