Devika Verma

This place is awesome as I am GUJRATI. I have not seen such a big hill, a heavy waterfall with such cold water.
It was the nice sun in the morning at 8 am when the cloud was clear but suddenly at 8. 15 am onwards all area was full of clouds and started raining.
This was the best experience as I have not seen such a dense fog in hilly areas when I could not able to see a man at 10m also.
Nice ALLOO PARONTHA’s with CURD at Punjabi Restaurant and you must stay at HIGHLAND BHAGSU which is in the center of the market and has everything to stay in such a budget.
NOTE- Do not waste time staying in Dharamshala or Mclodganj. Go directly to Bhagsu nag where the climate is much colder than Dharamshala as there is a difference of 12km only but it is way at the top. Go to the waterfall and can easily spend all day instead of time wasting in Mclodganj shopping or lower Dharamshala.
Loved. 🙂