During the summer, the temperature increases daily. Schools have been holidays, so it is good to have a chance to hang around. If time is short or you do not want to go far, you can move to Shimla. Shimla, surrounded by greenery which gives comfort to the mind, is also called the city of seven hills. Even this summer, the maximum temperature is around 25 degrees.

Over time, the number of pilgrims visiting Shimla has increased, so the crowd has started to live there, but the attraction of Shimla is not less than any hill station. The Mall Road is the most famous here.

There is a lot more to do here than to roam here for the upcoming Sheila’s. Those who ski on the ice get this opportunity between January to March. 7 and 15 days training camps are organized in Narkanda by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

Shimla 1

With fishing and golf, you can also enjoy the trekking here. In Shimla-Kinnaur area, Sangla is the famous track route from Baradar and Caravan with Narkanda. Both the routes are about three and a half kilometers away.

The distance of Shimla is not much from Delhi. The road can be reached easily by car. There is also a facility for air travel from Delhi to Shimla. If you want to travel by rail, the Narrogage line goes from Kalka to Shimla. Two types of toy train can also be enjoyed to get here. There are a number of private guest houses with hotels and guest houses of HPTDC to stay. Travel companies have been offering various types of package offers from time to time to rotate here.
There are so many places in Shimla and around it that thousands of people can think of anybody’s mind. But there are some places which appreciate the tourists coming here.

Jakhu Temple: 

Shimla 2

The Shimla journey of the tourists is not considered complete without coming to this temple. The temple of Lord Hanuman is situated on Jakhu Hill, the highest hill in Shimla. Shimla city and surrounding areas are visible from here. Here is the famous Koteshwar temple of Lord Shiva.

Tatta Water:

People also like hot water on the right bank of the Satluj river. There is a lot of sulfur content here, the water remains lukewarm. This water also removes many kinds of diseases.

War Memorial: Oneof the many famous places of Shimla, War Memorial is also famous. War Memorial has been built in memory of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s associate Ajit Singh, near Panch Pula, two kilometers away from Gandhi Chowk. -Poonam