Stay Clean and Healthy During Travel | follow these tips

While traveling to work or going on holiday, you do not want any health problems in your travel. Therefore it is important that we keep in mind the cleanliness of the journey. Come on, know how to enjoy the journey by being a refreshing … 

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The biggest problem

The biggest problem is the selection of the right washroom during the trip to Toilet is the most important thing. Because dirty toilet can make you sick, you can give an infection. So try to go to a toilet that is dry. If this is not possible, then use it with utmost care and try not to touch your skin anywhere.

Tissue and toilet paper

If you are visiting villages in particular, where such facilities are not there, then take adequate tissue paper and toilet paper with you. It is a special thing that if the weight is very low, then you will not have problems in carrying. 

Paper soap

While traveling, take a special note of whether you have a paper soap. Because it is not necessary to get a soap or handwash to wash your hands everywhere.  Put a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for Sanitizer Traveling. If you sit in your seat while traveling on the bus and eat something, then definitely use it before .


food that does not eat open-ended food during travel. Avoid eating too much spicy and fried things. Doing this will lessen your thirst and you will not have to go to toilet again and again. Avoid drinking drinking water out of the open .


Avoid drinking drinking water out of the open water somewhere. Take a bottle of water and sip the water after a few moments. Doing this will not reduce the water in your body and will remain fresh. 

Body odor

From heat, sweating, humidity, the body starts to smell. Keep Light Dio or Perfume with you to avoid this. Use it on your haki and use it even during travel on collars and sleeves. This will make you feel refreshed. 

Antiseptic fluid must

Antiseptic fluid must be an antiseptic lymphatic, mosquito stack or quill and moisturizer in your bag. Especially when traveling on the suburbs of the Rural and Hill Areas, keep these accessories with you.

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